Year of Shame

YOS-Logo-Show-Notes1Being an ardent gamer, the current Year of Shame challenge, to refrain from buying a any new games unless I complete two from my pile of outstanding games, seems contrary to my role as a video game critic, but I am glad to say that the undertaking that begun in September following our Midlife Gamer Eurogamer meetup, is progressing well.

Even with my Christmas gift of a brand new PS Vita with multiple games from my good lady, I am still on track at 50% completion.

I think, with the new year bearing down on me fast, that finally putting my focus into my writing, opposed to sinking countless hours into new games will be the best resolution I could commit to for my own benefit.


Nothing ventured….

Well, decided to start up a central blog, and since I keep getting distracted from my novel and short story work, I’m going to upload each of the chapters to the web to see if that will inspire me to get a shift on in getting my book finished.

Working on getting my work backlog added to the site, but hopefully in the new year I will put up chapter 1 of my book.