Hi there,


My name is Derek McRoberts, but I am commonly known in the gaming / writing community as DigitalPariah.

My gaming history probably mirrors a lot of people in my age group. Starting at a young and impressionable age, my introduction to gaming was through my Grandfather who, to keep my sister and I amused after school when we went to their house until my parents came home, purchased a Grandstand 3000 entertainment console. Not satisfied with the various versions of Pong the 3000 gave me, I soon began the hunt for my next gaming fix.

Eventually caving to the pressure I put on them every year, my parents relented and in the winter of 86 I became the proud owner of my first gaming machine, the Commodore C16+4. This, for me, was the point of no return. From here it was only a matter of time before I was the proud owner of a NES and a spanking new Amiga 500 a few Christmases later.

Over the years I’ve owned great consoles (SNES/PS1/Megadrive) and some failed consoles (Saturn/Jaguar/CDi) but one thing has always remained. The love of the games.

I’m a 34 years old family man and being a husband, father, dedicated gamer and writer is hard to balance with my work life as an Application Designer for CSC and my work as a STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics) Ambassador where I regularly attend school work seminars and local Science events.

Owning a PS3, 360 and PC as well as several “on the go” gaming platforms I try to game whenever I have the opportunity and write and review games whenever possible.

I am currently the Deputy Editor for the Midlife Gamer website, but I also aim to become a published writer at some point in the future, and as such I dabble with the occasional short story, fan fiction and I have a full novel in the works.

I plan to update this site with my work in the near future, so if you are just stopping by, I would appreciate any comments or feedback on any of my work.


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