Time for change

A new year has rolled around, and I can thankfully leave 2014 firmly in the past.

Job changes, House moves, family bereavements…. All causing huge amounts of stress and making my life a living hell for 10 of the last 12 months.

So, firstly I have updated the site with work I have done at MLG that hadnt been added, I have cut off my daily intake of Caffiene and Im rearing to get back into my writing with a bit of aplomb.


Whether this happens or not, we shall see in the coming months.



Making headway



I didnt get a great deal of feedback on the prologue, but hopefully I can get more from the first chapter.


I’ve always known that the structure for dialogue was one of my biggest weaknesses. I just wonder if others feel the same.

Nothing ventured….

Well, decided to start up a central blog, and since I keep getting distracted from my novel and short story work, I’m going to upload each of the chapters to the web to see if that will inspire me to get a shift on in getting my book finished.

Working on getting my work backlog added to the site, but hopefully in the new year I will put up chapter 1 of my book.